About Us


Shu Kee was established by Mr Kung Shu in 1942. Over the years, our dedication to providing quality beancurd products has led us to make refinements to increase the quality of our products. In the 1970s, we developed the practice of using sawdust as fuel in order to prevent smoky odours from seeping into the beancurd, as was common at the time when burning firewood or straws. Once delivered to the shop, the products are carefully inspected by hand to pick only the finest for sale. It is why local Hong Kongers consider Shu Kee one of the most famous beancurd products brands in the city.

Shu Kee has now been passed to the third generation. In addition to continuing its dedication to serving "quality first" products, we are developing new beancurd products for people to enjoy. To further diversify our business into healthy eating, in 2014 we established Tsuen Chun Kee Trading Company Limited to import a variety of healthy foods and drinks from other countries to promote vegetarianism and healthy eating habits.

第二代傳人孔祥佳當年結婚時在舊舖進行儀式的珍貴照片。 現在於舊舖原址的店舖與本店無關。